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Agar Private - Stats
1 Agar Private
Agar private Best Agario PVP Server, Play, agario
Movement: Up
Today 12261
Average 15621.3

Agar.BZ Agario Best Private Server - Stats
2 Agar.BZ Agario Best Private Server
Agar.BZ Agario Best Private Server
Movement: Up
Today 9090
Average 11489.8
3/5 - Awesome LAG FREE Server! - Stats
3 - Awesome LAG FREE Server! is a custom agar server with many custom modes! We have FFA, Dream, Experimental and Party! We are simply the best and 1# private server in the WORLD due to our lag free game and custom features! We also have an app for IOS and Android!!
Movement: Up
Today 6761
Average 10556.3
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
4 Agario - NEW AMAZING STRIKE MODE was the biggest and Advanced Agario private server. Play a NEW game modes Agario STRIKE, CSGO MODE, FFA, Speedy & Speedy Rainbow Games
Movement: Down
5879 7538.7 Stats
5 AgarIO Hub - Best private modded server - AgarIO Hub is a group of 15 servers and 11 different gamemodes, we are the first private server to implement custom structures. Also, there is a login system where you can get xp to buy skins and more, a chat system so you can talk with other players.
Movement: Up
4326 5402.2 Stats
6 AgariOWN, Agario Easy - Fast Motion Fast Merge - Small cells you eat, how quickly the large cell! To have control of me, the team and grow it quickly. To join the fun.
Movement: Up
539 737.6 Stats
7 & Agario Private Server - Agariowun worldwide, it is the most advanced PvP server. private server agario play, game site and Skins agario popular modes|LAG-FREE!
Movement: Down
503 511.8 Stats
8 Agario, Agario Play, Agario.PRESS, Agario PVP, Agario Fun - Fantastic & Fun STRIKE MOD ! A new and entertaining version is waiting for you. The best agario private server in the WORLD. Rainbow Mod & Strike Mod & Fun Mod & Zombie Mod.
Movement: Down
342 431.9 Stats
9 Agario Joy - CS:GO Mode FREE PVP AGARIO Server - FUNNY CS:GO MODE is joyable and Funny Agario private server. Come in Now and Join Our STeam Game Contest!
Movement: Up
115 135.7 Stats
10 AgarioFun - AgarioFun agar created for play on the most advanced Server. Agar game servers biggest pvp private server we are providing services in different modes.
Movement: Down
72 136.4 Stats
11 Agars, Agario Easy - Fast Motion Fast Merge - Agario best fun mod server. Fast motion and fast unite.
Movement: Up
13 10.5 Stats
12 - Agarios is private server. Best agario private server. Agario unblocked at school. Play agarios ad have fun!
Movement: Neutral
8 8.7 Stats
13 - private agario server
Movement: Down
8 13.7 Stats
14 AgarW.PRESS Best Agario Fun MMO Games - AgarW.PRESS Best Agario PVP Server, Play, Oyna, International
Movement: Up
4 6.8 Stats
15 - Best private server physics! - has been running since August of 2015, with it's fast development and the peak of 300 players on all servers and on a minimum of 100 players every minute. Fast development, skin system, clans, and much more!
Movement: Down
3 2.4 Stats
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